1: To allow us to automatically deduct your rent payment from your bank account please follow below

2: After logging in TWA (Tenant Web Access) click on the gear on the right side of your screen as below

3: Click on "Saved Payment Information" which will then display "Automatic Payments" as below

4: We will process the deduction so that the actual deduction will not show in your bank account until at least the fourth calendar day of the month, and if your 2nd-month rent is due after the 1st of the month, within one calendar day after the due date stated in your rental agreement.

5: The payment will be deducted from your bank account one to three business days after the "Day of the month" you select below, but will      show in our system  as paid on the "Day of the month" you selected

6: If you choose the "Balance Due " option, then if in future we send you a bill to pay for something we think you are responsible for other        than rent, then this bill would be paid  in addition to any rent. You will however still be able to dispute with us the    charge you, and            if we agreed with you, we would then issue a   credit to your account. If you want to ensure we only deduct your monthly rent and                nothing else, instead of using "Balance Due" select "Select Amount" and then enter the monthly rent. If  the rent changes in the                  future, please update this amount after we have notified you of the new rent

8: You will get an  email notification that the payment has been done as in the example below. 
Your scheduled Autopay payment was successfully processed.
Web Account: 167 - John Doe
Payment Date: 4/3/2018
Payment Method: Checking
Account number ending in: 9876
Payment Amount: 4,100
Convenience Fee: 0.00
Reference #: 11199999
Contact your property manager for more information.