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WHAT IS THE SOONEST I CAN MOVE IN ?: s.sdcpm.com/movedate

1: The move in date is no sooner than three business days after the available date showing on SDCPM Vacancy List on the date you applied
      (For example, if you applied on Aug 1st and the vacancy list said the available date was "3 weeks" then the soonest you could move in           would be Aug 21st)

2: You have paid the first months rent and security deposit in full  (see options at ar.sdcpm.com) 

3: At least one tenant named on the rental agreement has signed a move-in condition checklist. 
    (It no tenant is available, then a cosigner may do this as long as we received written prior permission from the tenants that includes  a          statement that the cosigner only has the rights of a guest and not those of a tenant, as stated on the rental agreement) 

4. All adult occupants have signed the rental agreement.

6. I provided SDCPM account numbers of all utility bills that are required to be in my name

7: If you are in Section 8 follow this LINK