FLOORING :REQUIRED: s.sdcpm.com/flooringrequired

1. No trip or other hazards as defined by Section 8 
“Unsound or hazardous” means the presence of such serious defects that a potential exists for structural collapse or other threats to safety
(E.g., tripping) or large cracks or holes allow substantial drafts from below the floor. The condition includes: severe buckling or major
Movements under walking stress; damaged or missing parts.

2: No soiled floor coverings that are serious health hazards (e.g. Mold/mildew, severely soiled with food, animal or human urine/feces, etc.)

3: If a carpet is stained it is not necessarily a health and safety issue per Joe Ortega (ex City of San Diego Code Enforcement officer)
    For vacant units, we will attempt to have the  carpets cleaned and if stains remain will ask the carpet cleaner what the stains appear to        consist of and then  follow below
      A: For stains caused by juice/wine etc this will be treated as cosmetic
      B: For urine or blood stains, this must be taken care of. If there is a dispute whether a stain is urine or not carpet cleaning vendor can               be asked to do a  special test to determine if positive for urine
      C: For other types of stains we will ask the carpet cleaning vendor to determine if the stain is a health hazard or not  

     For occupied units we will ask tenant if they want us to follow get the carpets cleaned and let them know that if the stains are
     Determined as per line 3A above, they will be charged for the cleaning cost 

4: Should not lift at the entryway 

5: Should not be dirty

6: All other problems not mentioned above are considered not required but cosmetic. See also  s.sdcpm.com/floorcosmetic