Over 10 Square Miles Dedicated Via SD Canyonlands Proposal!

UPDATED: 12.17.2012

Using the Google Earth Viewer below, users can view the 6,500 acres (over 10.15 square miles) of City-owned  land dedicated in 2012 as park/open space via the San Diego Canyonlands dedication proposal (2009-2012). Click on the red sites (proposed by SDCL but not dedicated) to read City Department rationale for not dedicating the area. Note that - in addition to dedicating 6,500 acres, the City Council action on November 27, 2012 aimed to improve the dedication process, to deal with certain issues that have and still are preventing dedication of some areas (e.g. encroachment issues, lack of parcel number, etc.). Information packages (tables, maps, support documentation, etc.) at the SDCL Dedication Information Page currently need updating, but we'll have them updated for community groups sometime in January 2013. The most up-do-date information will be on this webpage, via the Google Earth viewer below. 
Note: (1) There is a minor issue with parcel boundaries in the University City planning area that are being addressed by City staff.  (2) Approximately 75 acres in the Fairbanks Ranch planning area were removed from the dedication list on 12/17/12 (and should be shown in red, not green), due to a leasehold and grant restriction issue recently uncovered by City Staff.  Please check back here for an update on this issue.

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