eSchoolPlus+ Teacher Access Center
We have established primary contacts for each school.  If you have questions about eSchoolPlus+, contact your building representative.  

If your represtentative is unable to help you, you may enter a ticket here:
Cick on new ticket, after logging in with their Springdale account. 
Be sure to give an adequate description and to choose APSCN/eSchool in the category field. 

Bayyari Vicki Campbell
Elmdale Patricia Lopez
George Raquel Morris
Harp Katie Thompson
Hunt Amanda Casamayor
Jones Amanda Gunther
Lee Wesley Robinson
Monitor Neela Nuckolls
Parson Hills Janice Whitmire
Shaw Katie Jenkins
Smith Brittney Taylor
Sonora Christian Scalf
Turnbow Whitney Shaddock
Tyson Therese Thompson
Walker Teresa Oliger
Westwood Sharyn O'Hearn
Young Rachel Hickman
Hellstern Middle School Kristi Smith
JO Kelly Middle School Josh Jenkins
Sonora Middle School Sarah Downum
Tyson Middle School Jill Law
Central Jr. High Melanie Thiesse
George Jr. High Carla Torrijos/Kate Lacy
Lakeside Jr. High    
Southwest Jr. High James Jordan
Har-Ber High School Lindsey Smith
Springdale High School Tracy Reed