The Springdale School District recognizes that volunteers are an important partner to the schools. Time spent volunteering allows teachers to expand and enrich their students’ class time. The district’s volunteer program is essential to the success of our students and our community as a whole.

We have created a volunteer brochure intended to assist those who would like to devote their time to serving their community’s public school and inform them of the many possibilities available for them to share their time and talents.

Check-In Procedures

For the safety of our students, each school building has a security system in place. The office will provide visitor access into the building through this system.

Any individual entering a school will need to provide a current driver's license or another state issued form of identification. This information will be used to run a background check on all visitors upon entering individual school buildings. A volunteer identification nametag will be printed upon approval and must be worn by visitors while in the building. Please make sure the nametag remains visible at all times.

Successful Volunteer Information and Guidelines

  • Communication needs to occur in a positive and respectful manner in regards to students and adults.
  • To ensure a focused learning environment, cell phone use is prohibited during instructional time.
  • Parent concerns need to be directed to the classroom teacher.
  • Problems or concerns that arise need to be respectfully discussed with the appropriate teacher or administrator
  • Volunteers become part of an educational team that works to provide quality education to all students in their care.
  • Personal information pertaining to students and staff must be kept confidential.
  • By following these guidelines, each person’s rights and privacy are protected

  • Teachers value the support volunteers provide.
  • Volunteers are expected to set good examples with manners, appropriate appearance, and professional behavior.
  • Being prompt is highly valued.

Extra Information
  • Volunteers provide individual and small group support for students.
  • Volunteers are asked to uphold established routines and procedures established by the classroom teacher and school.
  • When student misbehavior occurs, corrective measures should not be taken by the volunteer. Assistance from the teacher or principal will be needed.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from the use of or being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.
  • If it is necessary to bring young children with you as you volunteer, please keep them closely supervised at all times. Please know that for safety reasons, there will be places within the school buildings that small children will not be allowed.
  • Each building may have additional procedures for volunteers. Please check with the building office upon checking in.
  • If a student becomes injured or ill, notify the teacher or a staff member immediately. Please do not administer any kind of first aid.
  • Be smart and safe. At no time should a volunteer be alone with students. There should always be a staff member present. This protects all volunteers and students.

Volunteer Roles
  • Be approachable– show students that you are interested in them as a person.
  • Encourage students to provide their own thinking. Give them plenty of time to organize their thoughts before they respond.
  • You don’t need to be an expert. Feel free to ask other students or the teacher if help is needed.
  • Encourage students. Compliment them for their efforts and hard work.
  • Enjoy your time and maintain a sense of humor.
  • If you are unable to keep your commitments, please let the school know. Students look forward to their time with you.

“All we can ask in our lives is that perhaps we can make a little difference in someone else’s.” 
~ Lillian Davis