Student Registration


What you will need:
  • Enter your address into the Attendance Zone Finder to locate your school (or call 750-8800)
  • Birth Certificate or  Statement from local registrar/county recorder certifying the child’s date of birth, Passport 
  • Social Security Card (or parent may request a nine-digit number designated by Arkansas Department of Education)
  • Current Immunization Record (Shot Record)
  • Proof of Address (Utility Bill) 
  • Name and phone number/fax number of previous school your child attended (Records Request)
  • Transcript/Grades from previous school (NEEDED FOR 8-12 GRADE STUDENTS)

When you arrive at the school:
  • Ask to speak to the Registrar or School Official who can help you enroll your child
  • You will be required to fill out a new student enrollment packet
  • The school nurse will review your child’s immunization record 
  • The school nurse will inform you if there are any immunizations needed
  • If you are currently on Free/Reduced lunch it will not transfer to a new School District. You must fill out a new form.
  • Please ask for a Free/Reduced Lunch form or click here to apply online


  • If your child is in Grades 7-12, call your child's current school and arrange to withdraw your child from that school (check out slip must be signed by his/her current teachers).  
    If your child is in Grades K-6, skip this step.
  • Enter your new address into the Attendance Zone Finder to locate your new school 
  • You will need proof of your new address (Utility Bill)
  • Fill out a new Enrollment Card and Health Card at the new school
  • The new school will request your child’s file from the previous school he/she attended 

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Kindergarten Registration  (begins March 11, 2019)
English    *    Español    *    Kajin Majol

Grades 1 - 12  (& Kindergarten Transfers)
English    *    Español    *    Kajin Majol


Registration begins 
March 11, 2019

Read all the information on this page, then download our registration packet:

Pre-K Enrollment Schedule

schedule coming
in late spring

to find your zoned schools and bus information.
 (Elementary through High School.)