After a visit from the AdvancED Accreditation team, Springdale Public Schools ranks near the top in every category!
We were commended specifically for our Consistent Advanced Leadership.

AdvancED is the global leader in providing continuous improvement and accreditation services to over 32,000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide.   Compared against 435,000 classrooms around the world. You won't believe where we ranked...

The Review Process

 External Review - A diagnostic process to stimulate and guide continuous improvement with a focus on:
Impact of teaching and learning
Capacity of leadership
Use of resources

Professional judgment by the External 
Review Team results in:
Powerful Practices
Opportunities for Improvement
Improvement Priority
Index of Education Quality
Accreditation Recommendation

  1. Review Survey Results
  2. Interviews of Superintendent, School Board Members, Principals/Administrators, Teachers, and Parents/Community
  3. Review student performance results
  4. Observe instructional quality
  5. Review learner and family engagement
  6. Evaluate support services for student learning
  7. Assess curriculum quality and efficacy
  8. Review college and career readiness data

Effective Long-term Leadership
Caring / Dedicated
Engaging Classrooms
Beautiful Facilities
Collaborative Culture
Personalized Learning Environment
Successes and Challenges

The Results

Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (eleot) Scores:
Springdale Public School ScoreWordwide Average
Equitable Learning Environment  3.13 2.68
High Expectations Environment  3.28 2.81
Supportive Learning Environment  3.49 3.05
Active Learning Environment  3.36 2.95
Progress Monitoring and Feedback Environment  3.20 2.76
Well-Managed Learning Environment  3.48 3.11
 Digital Learning Environment 2.44 1.88

Index of Education Quality (IEQ) Results
 Springdale Public School Score  Wordwide Average
 Overall Score
 Teaching and Learning Impact 314.29272.32 
 Leadership Capacity 334.26294.44 
 Resource Utilization 344.44282.93 

Powerful Practices:
  • Collaborative Culture within School District
  • Collaborative and Supportive Culture between the District and the Community
  • Flexibility in addressing unique needs of all students and their families
Powerful Practices highlight actions that are not typically present in an institution.  Powerful Practices are not always given out, and reflect noteworthy actions that yield clear 
results in student achievement or organizational effectiveness.