Want to make a Reservation?
Check the calendar first to view 
the reservation schedule for tables, 
chairs, and bike trucks.
Chairs and tables may be
reserved for up to 7 calendar days.
To reserve resources for a
specific date, fill out a work order
for the dates desired.
When your order has been
processed, your reservation will
appear on the calendar.  Check the
calendar for confirmation. 

Order Forms


Our mission is to support our schools, departments, and administrators by stocking and distributing quality supplies at discounted prices and by maximizing the value of the products and services purchased.  

How to Order

Download the Order Forms from the list at the bottom right. -------------------------------->

Find the items you need on the warehouse price list.

Fill out a purchase order and send it to the warehouse in campus mail. 
As an additional option, you may fax your p.o. to 750-8890. 
Please do not phone in an order unless it is an emergency.

When the items are delivered, please sign the delivery sheet legibly.
There is no tax and no delivery charge. Items will be delivered to the main office unless other arrangements are made. 

Copy paper comes 40 cases to a pallet. When you can, please order in increments of 40. 

Please check your order upon arrival and before signing the delivery sheet. In case of a shortage or other mistake, please call within 24 hours of delivery. 

For more information contact:

Mr. Pat Bowerman
Warehouse Supervisor
1612 E. Emma Ave
Springdale, AR 72764