How do I care for my laptop?

• The laptop is the property of the Springdale School District and will be surrendered to the school at the end of each contract year. 

• The laptop is assigned to the school classroom and is to be considered part of the interactive classroom. It will not move if the teacher changes rooms or buildings.

• The laptop will be left powered on at the school at least one school day per week to ensure necessary updates are received.

• All precautions will be taken to avoid leaving the computer in extreme temperatures and/or weather conditions, including leaving the device in a car.

• Avoid computer contact with liquids and magnets.

• If the computer is lost or stolen the teacher/building will be responsible for replacement.

• When connecting computer to external items (board, projector) pay close attention that connections are lining up properly – please take the time to take care of these ports.

The following list includes some troubleshooting steps you will be expected to perform before contacting support; some of these steps may be problem specific.   

• Check that all cords are firmly plugged into the walls and computer outlets.

• Restart the computer (if possible).  

• Shutdown the computer and remove the battery.  Reinstall the battery and power back on.

• It is good practice to periodically drain the battery completely and recharge fully.

• Take care that you do not install virus or spyware programs that could harm the school’s network.