How do I put apps on my iPad?
(And other iPad administration questions)

The Apple iTunes rules are different for organizations and individuals.  Unlike individuals, organizations must pay for a license for each device an app is installed on.

For any apps purchased with district funds, you must purchase through our tech department and use the iTunes account that has been created by our tech department.  This is the only we can ensure that the district will retain ownership of the app if you decide to leave the district.  

To purchase an app with district funds:

  1. Determine the number of licenses you need to purchase.  (For example, if you are installing an app on 5 iPads, you will need 5 licenses.)
  2. Go to the Apple Volume Purchase Program store:
  3. Use the search feature to find out how much each app will cost for the  number you need.   
  4. Download the iPad PO Order form.
  5. Fill out the page titled "iPad App Worksheet".  
  6. Print pages 2-3.  Get all signatures and return both pages to us.  
    NOTE:  Do not mark on the PO form.  Do not create your own form.  Please use this form, as is.
  7. You will receive an email with further instructions

To install free apps, submit a work order detailing the app, your cart number, and your room number.