Project 7/eMINTS 

Springdale School District and the eMINTS National Center are collaborating to provide tiered professional learning experiences for teachers who are infusing technology into their classrooms. Project professional development will include a variety of formats (online, face to face, and blended) and intensities. An online community will be established to connect teachers across buildings, grade levels, and content areas. The community will be moderated and fostered by eMINTS staff and will be used to share classroom successes, inspiration, and project information.

Project 7/eMINTS Professional Development activities include: 

eMINTS Comprehensive Teacher Professional Development
eMINTS Comprehensive professional development is an intensive 2-year professional development program for classroom teachers that helps them develop student-centered, purposeful instruction that is enhanced by the infusion of technology. eMINTS teachers learn to implement standards-based instruction, student assessment, and instructional decision-making within a technology-rich classroom.

In addition to attending professional development sessions, the eMINTS teachers are supported monthly by the Technology Integration Specialists during class visits that incorporate the four quadrants of the eMINTS Instructional Model: High-Quality Lesson Design, Community of Learners, Powered by Technology and Authentic Learning. This job-embedded PD leads to a higher transfer of skills into the classroom.

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Innovative Teacher Leaders (ITL)
Thirty teachers per year will participate in the Innovative Teacher Leader program each year of the project. ITL teachers will learn how to build their own professional learning network (PLN) and foster the growth of their peers’ PLNs, learn to develop short technical training and job supports for other teachers in their buildings, and provide constructive peer feedback and advice. 

PD for Educational Technology Specialists (TOSAs)
In this 2-year program, participants will become skilled professional developers and coaches as they learn about principles of adult education, develop facilitation and coaching skills, build and understanding of the eMINTS instructional model and the research basis behind it, and learn practical strategies for program planning and implementation.

Administrator Professional Development
District principals around 21st Century Leadership and professional coaching. Principals will also learn about the eMINTS instructional model and teacher competencies.

Veteran eMINTS Teacher Training
Each year of the project, 10 veteran eMINTS teachers will participate in four days of professional development led by eMINTS staff. The professional development is designed to expand the reach of the project through the creation of exemplar units.

Online and Face-to-Face Workshops
To broaden the reach of the project and support teachers who are integrating technology or new teaching practices into their professional practice, eMINTS staff will deliver 10 full-day professional development sessions around technology integration for teachers across the district in the first project year and 10 in the second project year. In project years three and four, eMINTS staff will deliver six advanced Google Apps for Educators training sessions. eMINTS staff will also facilitate six-week online professional development courses for up to 100 teachers per year.

Springdale eMINTS Conference
In project years 2 – 4, the eMINTS National Center and Springdale School district will collaborate to host a local conference focused on sharing best teaching strategies, highlighting personalized learning in classroom, and student successes.