Our timeclock system changed July 1, 2013, and in an effort to serve you better, we have continued to make improvements to the system.

Beginning October 18, 2013, you can access Time Clock by using either of the following methods:
  1. If you are already logged into a computer, you may click here.

  2. If you are not logged into a computer, locate a computer in your building.  
    Turn it on and log in using the following username and password

                                                                                 username: timeclock
                                                                                 password: timeclock 

Time Clock will try to find the location of your building.  If it cannot determine your location, you will see a list of our locations.  Choose your building or department from this list.

Step 2:  You will see the main Timeclock screen.  Use your ID and PIN provided to you by the business office to log into Timeclock.

Step 3:  Click the IN button to clock in.

If you have clocked in successfully, you will see your time below your name.

Follow these steps again to clock out.