SHS Students Practice Entrepreneurship

posted Oct 12, 2016, 8:41 AM by JACKSON BRASWELL

In the Springdale School District, students have opportunities to get a great education while also following their post-graduate dreams. Three seniors at Springdale High School are already pursuing their dreams and in the process, are helping the community.

 Adrian Ruan, Daniel Rodas and Jesus Rebolledo are members of a car club named Elite Empire. The club started when Daniel and Jesus noticed Adrian’s car around campus and they all bonded over their love of cars.

 “We really just started to get to know each other better and it was amazing,” said Jesus.

 “We realized that we all loved cars and could each bring something different to the table,” said Rodas.

 All three guys have expertise in the world of making a car run and look better and that has given them an opportunity to host car shows around Springdale in order to raise money for local organizations in the community. People who attend the car shows pay an admission fee and get to park their cars alongside Adrian, Daniel and Jesus and show off their wheels to onlookers.

“We have seen the car community grow in Springdale and we want to set an example to the younger generation that if you do positive things and give back to your community, your community will give back to you,” said Ruan.

 The group’s name, Elite Empire originally garnered some hesitance from the administration at Springdale High because they were unsure of the group’s motives but once they learned about what they did, the boys had the school’s full trust.

 “Once they got to know us, they started to trust us and now they have motivated us to work hard and make our dreams come true,” said Ruan.

 Assistant Principal, Don Eichenberger has helped the group set up events and they are currently working on organizing a car show to benefit the family of Kyler Williams. The lessons the students have learned regarding business have been huge for the three but they appreciate the support of the faculty and administration most of all.

 “We just appreciate that they got to know us and instead of writing us off as another group, they have supported us and helped us be the best we can be, said Ruan

 The goal has always been for the guys to own their own shop and they recently just secured land and a building to make that goal a reality. This will give Elite Empire the chance to serve their community for years to come and be an example to those in Springdale that you can do anything you set your mind to. #THEChoice