Lindley Ready To Make Impact at Parson Hills

posted Aug 12, 2016, 2:13 PM by Jackson Braswell

Parson Hills second grade teacher Riley Lindley is in her first year of being a full time teacher but has always been a teacher at heart.

 The oldest of four children, Lindley has been teaching her brothers and sisters from day one and knew right away that being an educator was the natural choice for her career path. Being involved in as many activities and in as many people’s lives as possible is something Lindley firmly believes in.

 When she arrived at the University of Arkansas for her first year of college, she decided to try out for the Cross Church praise and worship team and made it. She is now in her fifth year singing at the church and used her impactful personality in her quest to eventually become Miss University of Arkansas and compete at Miss Arkansas. The lessons she learned on the way only furthered her conviction that she would one day become a teacher.

 “At Miss Arkansas my platform was mentoring,” said Lindley. “I feel like I have always had a heart for investing in people and making a difference and I think teaching is one of those professions that you truly are making a difference every day.”

 Lindley interned last year at Jones Elementary and through her involvement with Cross Church, was able to spend time with students in the district, including the students of Parson Hills. Lindley went every Tuesday night to an apartment complex near Parson Hills, giving her time and being a mentor to the children.

 “We would get in a van every Tuesday night, drive to the apartments and we would talk to the kids about Jesus, bring them a snack and play games,” said Lindley. “We just got to fellowship with them and talk to them and teach them about manners and other important things.”

 As soon as Lindley was done with her internship at Jones, she was searching for openings around the district because she knew Springdale was the district she wanted to teach in. When an opportunity came open at Parson Hills, Riley knew it was the perfect place for her.

 “As soon as I saw that there was a job opening at Parson Hills, I was so excited because I thought, Oh my gosh, I know about 50 of these kids because I see them every Tuesday night,” said Lindley. “I sent Principal Heather Cooper an email when I saw the job opening and said that I had been working with the impact ministry on Tuesday nights and I would love to come interview for one of their positions. She called me five minutes later, asked me to come in for an interview the next day, and rest is history.”

 As the first day draws near, Lindley is looking forward to meeting her first set of students and hopes to use the gifts she has been given to be a shining light in their lives everyday.

 “We got our class list this week and I started freaking out thinking these are the kids!” said Lindley. “I can’t wait to get to know them and learn more about their culture and learn how I can teach them to the best of my ability. I want it to be a family and for them to feel confident and comfortable in my classroom.”

 Lindley’s students will certainly feel the love from their first year teacher and get to experience the impact, heart and tenacity Riley will bring to the classroom every day. #THEChoice