About the Tyson School of Innovation



The Springdale Don Tyson School of Innovation is a technology-rich STEM School.  It embraces flexible and blended learning, allowing for a fast-paced and project-based learning environment that promotes student success.

The Don Tyson School of Innovation opened in the fall of 2014 with its first class of 8th graders. In the fall of 2015, those students will advance to 9th grade and a new class of 8th graders will enroll. The school will continue to grow one grade level each year and by the fall of 2018, the School of Innovation will include students in grades 8th through 12th.

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Growth Plan:
Year 1: 8th Grade Only
Year 2: Grades 8-9
Year 3: Grades 8-10
Year 4: Grades 8-11
Year 5: Grades 8-12

Personalized, self-paced learning

Daily choices on topics to study and how to display mastery

Students could earn a High School Diploma and an Associate's Degree or Industry-Level Certification by the end of their senior year