Success Is Contagious at T.G. Smith ... Catch It !!!
Smith Stallions Are The Best !!!

T.G. Smith's 3 R's:    Be Respectful !        Be Responsible !        Be Ready!


At T.G. Smith Elementary School we accept the challenge to be all that we can be. We will be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn each day. We will be cooperative and put forth our best effort to meet new challenges. We can achieve because we are Smith Stallions! Once a Smith Stallion, always a Smith Stallion!


Learners today; leaders tomorrow!



ALL students can learn.

Knowledgeable and passionate teachers model best practices to inspire life-long learning. 

Students, teachers, and families are valued and respected.

The responsibility for teaching and learning is a shared partnership between our teachers, students, families, and community.  

We Collect Labels For Education
You Can Send These To 
School With Your Students

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Sign Up To Be A Watch Dog Dad
Watch Dog Dad's Get to Hang Out At School with Their Child All Day and Help Keep a Watch Out For The Safety Of All Students !

Sign Up To Be A Safe Gate Mom
Safe Gate Mom's Can Help Their Child's Teacher and Keep A Safe Eye On The Front Door (Gate) While Doing So !