School Nurse - Sherri Primm & Tonya Matthews

A full-time registered nurse is assigned to our campus. Students who become ill at school must check into the health room or check out of school with parent/guardian permission. Students who check into the Health Room will be given an excused absence in the class s/he miss. Students who miss class(es) due to illness and do not check in to the Health Room or do not check out of school will be counted truant. (Also see Medication Permits from the handbook, p. 12)


Flu shots will be given at Springdale High school to students and staff on Wednesday, October 22nd in the auxillary gym. There will be no charge for the vaccine, however, all applicable paperwork, filled out completely by a parent or guardian, will be required. The paperwork is available for pickup by the nurse's office at the school and should be returned to the nurse by October 21st. Springdale High school students and staff will not have the option of the flu mist this year, only the flu shot.