The guidance and counseling program is designed to help the individual student realize his/her unique abilities, interests, 
opportunities, and limitations and act in accordance with these understandings. It 
is thought that the individual who "knows himself/herself" and can obtain information about college, other 
educational and technical training, and occupations, will be able to plan for his/her future in a meaningful way.
Thus, through the testing program, occupational and educational information, special programs such as Career Action Planning (CAP) and 
conferences with the counselor, 
the student can choose what his/her post-graduation activities will be.

The counselor also provides opportunity for the student to discuss any personal, family, or social problem in confidence. Problems such as drop-outs and failures are concerns of this department. Parents, as well as students, are invited for conferences. The counselors are here to help; please feel free to call upon them.

Phone: 479-750-8883         Fax: 479-750-8897

Counseling Center Staff 

Registrars:                      Smirna Charles 
                                         Christina Gray 
Secretary:                        Jody Marsh   

10th & 11th grades: Small Learning Community House
Arts / Communication                      Nick Ridenoure    
Human Services                                Diane Hinton   
STEM                                                   Lindsey Flatt    

Agriculture, Law, Medical                Will Rivas          
& Teach/Train Academies

Engineering & IT Academies           Annick Downing 
International Baccalaureate 

12th graders: Your counselor is assigned based upon your last name
A - C    Counselor              Lindsey Flatt   
D - I    Counselor               Nick Ridenoure 
J - M    Counselor               Will Rivas        
N - R   Counselor               Annick Downing
S - Z    Counselor               Diane Hinton