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 Junior High 

Thank you to Innovative Solutions for Educational Partnerships (ISEP) for granting Lakeside's Counseling Center $1,200 for their Energy Pack program. This money will help purchase backpacks, food, and hygiene products to send home with our students each week. It will also fund a special Christmas Energy pack for our high needs students in December. 

Golden Eagles truly appreciates ISEP for everything you do for our students!!

We are extremely excited to be starting the counseling program here at Lakeside Junior High. 

We're looking forward to building relationships and offering the best support for our students, parents, teachers, and community.  
Here at the Lakeside Counseling Center we are creating a friendly atmosphere where our doors are always open to everyone.  Please feel free to come by anytime with a problem, question, or just to say hello.

Periodically we will be adding important information and links to our page that we hope will be a great resource tool and further assist you as the school year progresses.  

We wish you a fantastic school year!

Lauren Willis


Sheri Neil


Sherry Wood