Lakeside Junior High has 1:1 Chromebook usage among its students. 
Students are allowed to check out a Chromebook once they return an AUP form signed by their parent / guardian to their Homeroom teacher. 
A Chromebook will be delivered to the student by the Computer Lab Manager / Tech for LJHS. 

Students need to use only their assigned Chromebook, and Chromebooks are to be returned to the CB cart every day.
Students are not allowed to take Chromebooks home at LJHS. Disciplinary action will be taken for students who do not comply with these guidelines.

  • If for any reason the Chromebook is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed during the time that it is issued to the student, regardless of whether the student is at fault, the student and the student's parent / guardian will be responsible for the following fees to help offset the actual replacement costs to SPS: 
    • For the first occasion, a fee of $25 (after a month it goes up $5).
    • For the second occasion, a fee of $50. 
    • For the third and any subsequent occasions, actual replacement cost. 

Student Chromebook Tech Request

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