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Crisis Hotline Information
Any student who is experiencing thoughts of hurting himself or herself should come to the office and ask to speak with Ms. Henderson (grade 6) or Ms. Barron (grade 7). If a student or parent is concerned about another student at HTMS, please do the same. After school hours, students or parents should contact the Arkansas Crisis Hotline at 
for immediate assistance.

Please read the Warning Signs of Suicide for more information and guidance for suicide prevention.  Also, two great resources on suicide prevention are and

A free smart phone app for students to use as a suicide prevention resource can be downloaded at A Friend Asks App

2017-18 Scheduling Information:

7th Graders
Southwest Jr. High Counselors were here on February 15 to talk about electives at SWJH.  Students will enter requests for classes for 8th grade on Friday, February 24, 2017.  Parents will confirm the requests through Student-Led Conferences on March 28 and 30, 2017.  Check out the 2017-18 8/9 CAP Book and the SWJH 2017-18 Elective Summary
6th Graders:

Ms. Barron will visit with 6th grade teams in late April 2017 to talk about classes for 7th grade.  Applications for Office Aide, Library Aide, EAST, and Yearbook will be available in the office and must be completed and turned in to the office before the end of school.

Counselors' Time in the Classroom

6th and 7th grade...
Check out and 
for great information on how to keep yourself safe online.  Ms. Henderson and Ms. Barron remind all students to never give out or post your phone number or address to anyone online.

In October, Ms. Henderson and Ms. Barron talked about bullying prevention.  Please read the Springdale School District's District Bullying Policy.

TIPS for if you are bullied:
  1. Tell yourself it's not your fault.  No one deserves to be bullied.
  2. Stay in control.  Don't retaliate by fighting or bullying back.
  3. Tell the person or people who are bullying to stop.
  4. Avoid places or situations where bullying happens.  If you can't, be with a friend or where there is an adult nearby.
  5. Talk to a trusted adult:  your parents, a teacher, a principal, a counselor, any adult at school.
TIPS for if you see bullying occurring:
  • Don't take part in the bullying.  Don't laugh.  Don't watch.  Don't encourage.  Don't spread rumors.
  • Offer support to the person being bullied.  Talk to them, offer help, and keep the person company.
  • Take action against bullying.  Distract the person/people who is/are bullying.  Walk away with the person being bullied.  Tell the person/people who is/are bullying to stop.  Talk to a trusted adult about it.
Read Cyberbullying Tips for great information and advice on what to do if you are cyberbullied.
I Am A Witness website Download the I Am A Witness emoji to use when you see bullying online.

Career Links

Arkansas Reality Check: Figure out the annual salary amount you will need to live! This is a great website that links annual salary with careers that match in that salary range. A real eye-opener! (username, password TBA): Great website to plan for college and plan and search for scholarships. Lots of great links to schools all over the nation. Lots of information for parents. Great website for all sorts of information about careers, especially in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. Nice search engine for careers. Arkansas-specific career information and statistics. Online copy of Career Watch magazine.

HTMS Counselors

 6th Grade Counselor
Danielle Henderson
7th Grade Counselor
Heather Barron

Jul 6, 2016, 2:16 PM