GEORGE JUNIOR HIGH has been awarded an OEP “Beating the Odds” award for performance on the Math exam. These awards are given to high-achieving schools that serve low-income communities where at least 66% of students are enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program. Based on the results of the 2014-15 PARCC assessments, performance is measured by the OEP-created “school GPA.” 

To learn more about how we determined the OEP award winners and to see the full list of award recipients, you can view the reports here.

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National and State GIS Contest Winners

Each year there is a GIS (geographic information system) mapping competition where students submit storymaps about something unique to Arkansas.  The competition is divided by 4-8 grade competing against each other and 9-12th grade.  

5 winners from each grade category win $100 
The overall winner from that category is entered into the national competition to represent our state.

Kelly Monrroy won overall state 9th-12th grade competition and Max Doshier and Daniel Flores also were one of the five winners from that category.  

Chloe Crane won the overall state 4th-8th grade category. 

Kelly and Chloe's maps were both entered into the national competition and Chloe's beat the other 50 states to win the national competition for the 4th-8th grade category.  For winning, they are paying for the flights and hotels to send Chloe, one of her parents, and myself to San Diego to be recognized and present at the annual ESRI GIS conference that over 16,000 people attend.  

Links to their maps:

Chloe Crane- Monte Ne Revisted-
Max Doshier- Meteorites of Arkansas-
Daniel Flores- Arkansas Swimming Holes-
Kelly Monrroy- Homeless Shelters-

George Jr. High Calendar