Advisory at George Junior High


GJHS Advisory Curriculum - Week 7

Grade Check & Fun Friday Sign-up

Monday, September 24


  1. Students will record their current grades as of week 7 in the Sample Grade Check Form.

  2. Sign up for Fun Friday!!


  • Students will make a copy of the Sample Grade Check Form-Week 7 and place it in their Google Advisory Folder.

  • Students will login to HAC in order to complete the Sample Grade Check Form.  

  • Students should enter their current grade and how many days of absences have occurred for each class.  

  • Ask students to reflect and make a plan to improve any grades that are below a C.  For grades above a C, reflect on ways to continue maintaining current grades. Encourage them to be specific.

  • Advisors will briefly check in with each student about grades and address concerns and offer guidance.


  • Sign-up for Fun Friday!

  • Go to GJHS Website

  • Click on Students

  • Click on Prime Time

  • Choose a Fun Friday class to attend :)

Complete Brain Orientation Assessments from Friday, if needed.


GJHS Advisory Curriculum - Week 6

Friday, September 21

Objective: Determine which side of student’s brain is dominant.

Directions:Complete the two brain orientation profile assessments and document your results on the Google Sheet.  Determine your characteristics.  Save in your Advisory Folder in your Drive.  As a group, discuss the Implications for Learning.

  1. Make a copy of the Google Sheet

  2. Take the tests:

Sommer-Sommer Brain Orientation Test  (available in multiple languages)

EduNova Brain Dominance Assessment

   3. Choose your characteristics and document on your Google Sheet

Meet the Advisors at GJHS

Congratulations to Mrs. Cole and Coach R. Johnson’s Advisory classes!

Teacher Interview Slideshow Winners!


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