Advisory at George Junior High


                         GJHS Advisory Curriculum

2nd Quarter Week 6

Grade Check in Naviance


  1. All students will be able to login to Naviance

  2. Students will record their current grades as of week 6 on the Grade Check Form in Naviance.


  • Students will login to Naviance (Naviance Login Instructions)

  • Students who are still unable to login to Naviance should report to room 700 as soon as possible.


  • Students will make a copy of the Grade Check Form-Week 6 and place it in their Google Advisory Folder.

  • Students will login to HAC in order to complete the Sample Grade Check Form.  

  • Students should enter their current grade and how many days of absences have occurred for each class.  

  • Ask students to reflect and make a plan to improve any grades that are below a C.  For grades above a C, reflect on ways to continue maintaining current grades. Encourage them to be specific.

  • Advisors will briefly check in with each student about grades and address concerns and offer guidance.

  • Choose the Grade and Attendance Task

  • To upload your Grade and Attendance Check doc, click Browse…

  • Choose Google Drive

  • Select the doc


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