Advisory at George Junior High

GJHS Advisory Curriculum

End of Year Agenda

Soft Skills, Google Drive Organization

Objective: Students will become familiar with and practice Soft Skills.

Monday, May 6 - Tuesday, May 7:

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are character traits and interpersonal skills (skills used by people to interact with one another properly) that characterize a person's relationships with other people. In the workplace, soft skills are considered a complement to hard skills, which refer to a person's knowledge and occupational skills.

Ex: Communication

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Enthusiasm & Attitude




1. Students will watch the “Skills to Pay the Bills” soft skills videos below as a class.


2. Students will choose one of the Soft Skills Journaling Activities from the four provided.

3. Students will create a Google Doc within their GJHS Advisory 2018-2019 folder and title it “Soft Skill Journaling Activity”.

4. Students will include the number of the activity they choose in the header of the Google Doc.

Student Name:


Journaling Activity: #

5.  Students will share their “Soft Skill Journaling Activity” with their Advisor.

Journaling Activity #1 - Communication:

We all communicate differently with different people in our lives. Does the way you communicate (or say things) affect how others perceive you? Explain.

Journaling Activity #2 - Enthusiasm & Attitude:

Do you think our attitude (whether positive or negative) is something we are born with or that we have power to control within ourselves? Think about a time when your attitude (either positive or negative) impacted you and those around you. When is it most challenging for you to keep a positive mental attitude? What do you do to help keep yourself positive during difficult times?

Journaling Activity #3 - Problem Solving & Critical Thinking:

When it comes to decision-making, there are some people who like to make decisions by themselves, while others would like to talk things through with someone else. Which type of person are you? Give an example or two. What are some of the pros and cons associated with each type of decision-maker?

Journaling Activity #4 - Professionalism:

Imagine you are a supervisor on the job. What type of supervisor would you be? How would you deal with an employee who had a bad attitude? What are some of the skills you would like to develop so, one day, you can be a GREAT supervisor?

Wednesday, May 8 - Friday, May 10


  1. Students will practice Soft Skills by organizing their Google Drive.


Students will watch the Managing your files tutorial video, go to Google Drive,  and organize files by following the steps below.  

1.Do you have folders for each class?  If not, create a folder for each class.  

Go to: New - Folder - Type your class name

2.Do you have untitled files? If so, name any untitled Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets.  

Go to: Google Drive, put the arrow on the file then press

Alt + mouse Click - Rename


Open the Doc and click in the title box

*Suggestions: Date and Title of Activity are good name options

For Example:  5-6-19 Soft Skill Journal Activity

3.Are all of your files in folders? If not, you need to move Docs, Slide, or Sheets to the appropriate class folder.

Go to: Google Drive - Drag file and drop to folders


If the doc is open, File - Move to - (choose the Folder)

Need help? Go to: How to move files in Google Drive

4. Do you want to color code your folders?  Here’s how:

Go to: Google Drive, Put your arrow on the folder you want to change then press Alt +  mouse Click - Change Color - Select a color

5. Create a NEW FOLDER for 2018-2019.

  • Move all of your class folders and any Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. to the folder for this school year.  You will be ready to begin next year with an organized Google Drive.

Monday, May 13

Hallway & Classroom Clean-Up

  • As a team, remove any Advisory work from the hallways or classroom.  Clean up any trash in the classroom or halls. Organize any supplies to help prepare for final projects and exams.

Tuesday, May 14 - Friday, May 17

Study Opportunity & Finals Preparation


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