George Junior High
Advisory Program

Even if you are on the right track
you will get run over if you just sit there.

~Will Rogers

GJHS Advisory Curriculum

Qtr. 3 Week 8: Semester 1 Artifact Selection

Week Objectives: Students will choose and upload artifacts from their 1st semester classes.


Choose one artifact for each of the following classes from

1st semester and put in your Advisory Folder in Google Drive:

  • English

  • Math

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Elective 1

  • Elective 2

  • Elective 3

Name of each artifact should reflect its subject and title.

EX:  English-To Kill a Mockingbird Paper

EX:  Science - Moon Lab

Reminder: Artifacts can only be uploaded to your online portfolio from Google Drive.  Please make sure any artifact you wish to include in your Online Portfolio is in your Advisory Google Folder for ease of Portfolio Maintenance.  Photos of projects or recordings count as an artifact.

To Upload Artifacts:

Go to your Online Student Portfolio.

Click on “Artifacts”

ADD from Drive

Select your artifact from Google Drive (once selected it should be blue), SELECT button

If you have not written your mission statement, please do so today.  Use the Mission Statement Guide to help you write the statement.

District has addressed space issues when using Google Sites.  Remind students to make sure anything they want to add to their portfolio is first saved to their Google Advisory Folder.  When uploading anything to site, select “ADD FROM DRIVE”.  


Past Electronic Documents & Information Links you may need: 

To save to your Google Drive:  

1. Click the document link below   2. File - Make a Copy  3. File-Move to Folder-Advisory Folder 4. Begin typing

How To Information:

*Online Portfolio Instructional Video  

* Edit Student Portfolio Video  

*How to upload artifacts.

How To in Advisory Slideshow

Past Agenda Links