Any 8th-12th grade student living in the state of Arkansas is eligible for our virtual academy. There could be almost any reason why traditional high school isn’t working for you. Maybe you are bored or it’s not working for you socially. It could be that you just want more out of your education. You can experience personalized education with real-world preparation from your own home. You won’t be just an online student. You will get the same individualized education you would experience at our campus. 

College Ready
Are you planning to go to college? You can get a jump-start, right now. Some students have the opportunity to move through graduation requirements at a rate that leaves room for college study. We have Associates Degree programs in Science and Art. We also offer a Certificate of General Studies after taking 16 college hours. Why wait? Our partnership with Northwest Arkansas Community College allows us to offer college credits at approximately $50 per hour. That is a significant savings over traditional college tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is DTSOI curriculum different from other high schools and online high schools? Our courses were NOT developed in a distant state, based on Common Core standards. We are the only school in Arkansas with curriculum developed by local teachers with input from Arkansas business leaders. Our teachers know what students need to be successful in our region, nation and globally.
Do I have to live in Springdale to attend DTSOI?
You are no longer limited by your geography. Any student living in the state of Arkansas can attend our innovative online high school. Is DTSOI only for high achieving students or can anyone attend?
If your teen struggles, you are in the right place. Our unique approach to learning expands your child's thinking in different ways, leading to deeper engagement with school, getting her excited about learning again.  If your child is a high-achiever, we can nurture that trait by helping her advance at an accelerated pace.
How much does it cost to attend?
The Don Tyson School of Innovation is a Tuition-FREE publicly funded school within the Springdale school district. We are thrilled to be offering a free, unique and innovative learning experience to any student 8-12th grades in the state of Arkansas.
How will DTSOI support online students with the technology to succeed?
Don’t let your decision to attend online high school be swayed by a lack of technology at your home. We will support your student with the tools needed to succeed with our curriculum. We strive for the success of every student.
How will my child be accountable for school work?
Our online students receive the same individualized instruction from passionate, dedicated teachers and assume the same accountability as our on-site students.
My child isn't thriving in traditional school. Would he be a good candidate for online high school?
There are many reasons why a child might not thrive in traditional high school. Our online option is great for kids who are not happy being bound by a defined class schedule. More flexibility in scheduling leaves more flexibility for other interests and activities! Online students also enjoy the ability to work at their individual pace and receive the support they need to get back on track and reach their full potential. We offer exciting curriculum that will help your student get excited about learning.
How do I know if classes will transfer to a college for credit?
Many of our students choose to get a head-start on college by taking rigorous AP and college courses while still attending high school.  We have a partnership with the Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) that ensures those students take classes that will move them forward in their college plan. The NWACC offers college courses through our school with a discounted rate of tuition, potentially saving you money. 

Is there a deadline to attend DTSOI in the fall of 2017?
You’ve made the decision to move forward. Now what? Your first course of action would be to declare your intention to attend our school by filling out this application. The deadline to do that is May 1, 2017. That deadline does not apply to current home-schooled students.

Characteristics of Successful School of Innovation Students

  • Self-Motivated- Students who can direct their own learning environment, fulfill course requirements and achieve individual academic success.

  • Independent learner- The online environment enables students to learn at their own pace, whether its traditional, extended or accelerated, relieving the stress of feeling rushed or pressured and providing enjoyment in the learning process.  

  • Computer literate- Although it’s not necessary to have advanced computer skills, students should possess a working knowledge of electronic email, the Internet and basic keyboarding skills.

  • Time Management- Students must be able to organize and plan their own best "time to learn". There is not one best time for everyone, but the key to learning is to commit the time to learn.

  • Effective Writing Skills- Students must use electronic email to communicate with their peers as well as their instructors. The ability to write clearly in order to communicate ideas and assignments is very important to student success as well as a means to inform instructors of any concerns or problems.

  • Personal commitment- Since there are no bells that begin and end classes, students must have a strong desire to learn and achieve knowledge and skills via online courses. Making a commitment to learn in this manner is a very personal decision and requires a strong commitment to participate in order to achieve academic success.

  • Seek help when needed- Often students give up when faced with an assignment or activity they are struggling with. It is essential that students develop a habit of seeking help when stuck with a difficult task.

  • Take responsibility for ones' own education- Too often education is something done to students and not something they are committed to. Taking responsibility for ones' own education requires a significant mind shift for some students but is especially important in an online environment.

  • Balance school and personal life- An online education, like a traditional education, requires students to balance the many demands and responsibilities they have in their lives. This requires the student to plan for time needed to be a successful learner as well as time to be a healthy human being.