Complete Bookkeeping Service

We offer a complete bookkeeping and accounting solution for your small business. Unlike some providers, we don't ask you to do a lot of the work by logging in to a portal and doing the data entry for us. We do all our work remotely but that doesn't mean we aren't there when you need us. We are only a phone call or e-mail away and can meet with you as needed.

Hourly Rate $55.00/Hour 

Fixed weekly or monthly rates are available for those who prefer more predictable expenses
The first month of service for all new clients is only $100/week, then we will quote a weekly fee based on your actual volume of business. If at the end of the first month you decide not to continue our service pay only the $100 weekly fees and any set-up fee and we will cancel your contract and give you a backup copy of your financial data and any documents we may have to support them.
Pay for only the service you receive and receive all you paid for!

No matter the pricing plan, we haven't included a lot of extras in our prices and bill separately for supplies, postage and bank fees based on your actual usage. The fees we charge for these items are the fees we are charged or an estimate of our costs and are probably less than you pay now since we purchase in bulk and do most of our own printing including checks and envelopes.

Set-Up Fees

There are no set up fees for new clients If you are currently using Peachtree Accounting, Microsoft® Small Business Accounting/Office Accounting, Quicken, or any version of Quick Books if you can supply a backup copy of your files. We will also wave set up fees for new clients that don't require prior year data keyed in.

Suspending Service:
If your business has seasonal lows you may suspend our regular contract services anytime for up to three months during a calendar year. During this time we will continue to work for you but at a lower cost to match the level of business you are producing.  In most cases your monthly fee during off seasons will be $100/Month.

Please give us a call at 207-358-9055, send an e-mail to, or submit your questions by using the Contact Us form on this site. We respect your privacy and value your time and we will only respond to your request and not use you contact information for any other purpose!