Teacher: Mrs. Shouse, Mrs. Jankiewicz, Ms. Leahy

Supplies Needed:

Spiral Notebook       Calculator                    

Binder            Ruler (at home)           

Pencils            Pens           


            I.  Tests & Quizzes- 70% of final grade   


II.  Homework- 10% of final grade   

  • Homework plays an important role in math class as it provides a time for the students to practice/preview math concepts that are tested on MAP in addition to the common core topics. Due to its importance, I expect each student to complete the weekly Khan Academy minutes

III.  Classwork/Partner Work/Group work/Notebook- 20% of final grade

  • Classwork will be graded on following the 4 B’s- Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe,& Be There,Be Ready

  • Partner work and Group work will be graded on explaining the correct answer(s) as well as  staying on task/being serious, working quietly, and working cooperatively

  • Notebook will be graded on the pages being completed