• Teacher: Mrs. Reinertsen

  • Supplies Needed:

    • Plastic cover single subject notebook, writing tools, assignment notebook, calculator, color pencils, scissors, glue stick

  • Grading:

    • Classwork/Homework (25%) - Anything that shows a student's effort and commitment to practicing our areas of study.  This includes homework, class work, participation, effort, etc.

    • Tests & Assessments (75%) - Anything that is graded to show the student's level of mastery of the standards. For example, assessments, projects, labs, etc.

  • General Info:

    • Lab Safety: Safety in the science classroom is the #1 priority for students, teachers, and parents. These rules must be followed at all times.  If a student is unable to follow the safety guidelines they will be asked to leave the lab immediately and given an alternate assignment and their grade may be impacted.  

  1. Follow all directions.

  2. Only use lab equipment when instructed to do so.

  3. Use lab equipment only as instructed in the procedure.

  4. The teacher is the first to know if we get hurt.

  5. Wear safety goggles, aprons, and gloves appropriately.

  6. Always stay seated until instructed to do otherwise.`

  7. Do not taste or smell things in the science lab unless instructed.

  8. Notify the teacher of spills immediately.

  9. Clean up your station after every experiment.