Ms. Martinez 9/22/14

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For the week of 9/22/14
Reading/Lang. Arts-- Students are practicing their summarizing skills and narrative writing as we continue working on our Plot/Conflict/Setting Unit. Encourage your child to practice their summarizing skills by asking them to describe events by using the 5 W's format (tell the Who,What,When,Where,Why). 
Math--  Students are working on using Order of Operations in order to solve math problems.  Have your student explain what PEMDAS means.
Social Studies-- In preparing for the U.S. Constitution students are learning about the Bill to Law process this week.  Have your student review the process with you by showing you the diagram found at the bottom of page 20 in the Constitution Bluebook.
Science-- Ask your student to show you the research he/she put together for the Science Career project.  This information will help your student complete a resume and prepare for a Job Fair simulation taking place this Friday during science class.  Encourage your student to "dress for success" on that day.

September- Ms. Martinez

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Welcome Back!
Our students are are getting back into the swing of things as we begin the 2014-2015 school year!  Some things to keep in mind in order to start the new school year successfully:
  • Your student should get into the habit of checking the grade-level and teachers' school website pages on a regular basis.  This will assist in keeping up with upcoming projects, assignment due dates, special grade-level announcements
  • Students should always have a library book to read and they are expected to bring their library books to language arts class and PrimeTime every week.
  • Please check grades online with your student through the school website link Home Access Center (located at the bottom of the school district webpage).  
Overview of September topics/units:
Reading/Language Arts-  Plot/Conflict/Setting and narrative writing
Math-  Order of Operations, Computing with Integers, Word Problems
Science-  Measurement, Science Career research, Scientific Method
Social Studies-  8th grade U.S. Constitution (weekly quizzes with final test the last week in October/first week in November)

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