Welcome to Ms. Malloy's World of Home Economics

The home economics program is designed to foster independence while the student carefully follows demonstrations and lectures. Sewing and cooking skills are developed and proficiency increased through practice and repetition.

Please visit the File Cabinet for Power Points, class worksheets and more.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We have a lot of exciting projects in Home Economics this year! I am anxious to announce the 7th Grade class will be writing and communicating with a local Illinois farmer that has adopted our class as a "pen-pal".
Students can expect to partake in multiple hands on projects this semester. 
Please check back often to follow our progress and see what we are up to next!

I have included some helpful online videos in my file cabinet that can help your child improve their sewing skills.  Check them out! :-)


Want to learn more about sewing or help your child sew at home?  Check out my file cabinet for a link of great sewing videos!