Room: 109


Need to contact me?

Email: cmalloy@sd925.org

@      If you need to speak to me outside of class, please feel free to let me know, my door is always open!

@      If you have questions about your grade, PRINT your grade report and make an appointment to talk to me.

@      Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am here to help you! J


Class Objectives

All grades will develop proficiency in: sewing on a button and pattern reading and markings in addition to:

6th Grade:   Organization      Time Management          Health and Nutrition      Hygiene         Cooking Tools

7th Grade:   Food Borne Illness         Heritage of Food         Cutlery           Table setting and Manners

8th Grade:  Plain and zigzag seams             Textiles and Fibers            *Pajama Pants           **Budget/Finance  Careers Catering  


Class Topics

Measurements   Sewing Tools Notions Patterns   Symbols Fabric Machine Operation    Pressing          Laundry

Recipes    Special Tools & Equipment    Equivalents     Safety & Sanitation     Health & Nutrition


Class Requirements

@   It is expected that you will be in attendance and on time to class each day when the BELL RINGS! (This means IN your seat when the bell rings)

@   Warm-up questions are to be completed immediately as class starts

@   Students are expected to be working on their projects in class, at all times

@    If you have trouble getting to the fabric store to purchase your materials, it is your responsibility to address this issue with Ms. Malloy as soon as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken

@  Proper behavior is expected at all times during including lab and while using equipment

@   Follow safety and care rules when using all equipment and tools 


@        Classroom participation and good behavior are critical to your success in this class. You will receive daily lab points for being on task, following rules and cleaning your lab space. If you have to be reminded to be on task and put away supplies on a daily basis, then you will forfeit your daily points.

@        You will be assessed on projects, class work and quizzes/tests

@        Each assignment will have points possible and points earned

Personal Procedures

@      All hair MUST be tied back during ALL cooking labs

@      NO jewelry can be worn during cooking labs or while using sewing machines


Class Safety and Sanitation

@      Stay within your lab area or at your sewing machine at all times

@      NO running at any time.

@      If you burn or stick yourself; tell the teacher immediately!


Course Supplies


o Loose-leaf notebook paper

o Pen, pencil and highlighter

o  Folder for this class only – You will leave your folder in class in your bin J

o  Sewing project materials as listed on the handout


Project Pattern and Supplies

o    Follow Sewing Project Sheet



Be careful when using equipment!

Take your time and watch what you’re doing!

Ask for help when needed!


Let’s have a FABULOUS year!!!