6th Grade

Class Objectives

6th Grade:

13.3 Demonstrate communication skills that contribute to positive relationships.

13.4 Evaluate effective conflict prevention and management techniques.

14.1 Analyze factors that influence nutrition and wellness practices across the life span.

14.2.4 Analyze sources of food and nutrition information, including food labels, related to health and wellness.

8.2 Demonstrate food safety and sanitation procedures.

Nutrition Games

Choose My Plate Nutrition Game

Period 8's Classroom Period 9's Classroom

Every Friday there will be a vocabulary quiz. If there is no school on that Friday the quiz will be on Thursday or the following Monday.


Week 1: Time Management , Multitasking, Organization, Procrastinate
Week 2: Adolescence, Culture, Needs, Potential, Self-Actualization, Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, Values, Wants