Ms. Leahy’s Classroom procedures, routines and rules


  • Students come into class, get their books and spirals, and begin warm-up

  • If homework was given the day before, take out HW and put on desk for teacher to check

  • Go over agenda for class period

  • Whole classroom instruction then, then small group, partner, or independent assignment

    • CHAMPs depends on activity

    • Communication - Whole group chorus read volume 2, partner work volume 1, Independent work 0 or 1

  • When homework is given, students write in assignment notebook

  • End of Class

    • Students return binders/workbooks/textbooks to shelf

    • Math: Students put away spiral/folder in bin

Other procedures

  • If student needs to use the washroom they sign out and use assignment notebook as their pass. Small SCCC can go as a group and take a break.

  • Students are given behavior bucks for using cool tool of the week or using 4 B’s

  • Students can use behavior bucks to put in school raffle or purchase a privilege from class school store

  • After school at locker, students check assignment notebook for homework and take home correct materials


  • Use the 4 B’s listed in classroom: Be Safe, Respectful, Responsible, Ready

  • If negative behavior warning/re-teaching, 3rd warning call home and/or detention (after school or lunch)

  • 6th graders have check mark system


  • Students listen to and speak with each other and teacher respectfully

  • Students give their best effort