How To Backup Your Google Account

To the 8th Grade:

The following instructions are to remove any items from your home directory and from Google Docs, should there be anything you would like to save for posterity:


To remove items from the school sd925 account into a private google account:

    1. Set up another private Google account, if you do not already have one.

(Check with your parents or guardians first)

    1. Open up your student sd925 school account
    2. Open up any docs, presentations or spreadsheets you may want to save
    3. Click on the blue share button
    4. Share this copy with your private gmail address with EDITING privledges
    5. There will be a warning “that the private gmail address is not in the Google Apps organization. Are you sure you want to share with this address?” Click Yes
    6. Login to the private google account and select the document from the gmail to add to your drive
    7. You may get a blurb that you are “ about to access a document administered by the Westchester Public Schools 92 1/2 domain...” Proceed to open document
    8. Once the document is in the drive, go to to File/Make a Copy

(Be sure to check “shared with me” or “all items” if you can’t find the doc at first)

    1. Do not check box to copy collaborators
    2. After a copy is made, your personal google account should be the
    3. owner of the doc
    4. Delete the original doc
    5. Your personal google account now owns the document, presentation or spreadsheet,