How To: Google Presentations

Here are some easy steps to create a presentation quickly and efficiently by
creating the presentation skeleton, adding all text, then graphics, then transitions and animations:
  1. Login to Google
  2. CREATE/Presentation
  3. Share the presentation with your teacher
  4. Choose a theme or color (you can change it later) under Slide/Change theme
  5. Insert multiple slide pages (Slide/New Slide) or (Ctrl + M)
  6. Add title text to the first slide "Click to add TITLE" and add your name to "Click to add SUBTITLE"
  7. Add subheads to each slide in the "Click to Add TITLE" box
  8. Add relevant text to each slide in the "Click to Add text" box
  9. Align slide text left
  10. Bullet slide text (select text and go to More/Choose bullets)
  11. PROOFREAD 5 times
  12. Now search for pictures, about 3-5. Use Picsearch and be sure you choose high quality pictures (30KB and above) 
  13. You can search within Google Slides by choosing Insert/Image and then choose Search-use quality keywords!
  14. Make sure you choose "View Full Image" and do not copy and paste from a thumbnail (low resolution)
  15. If not, Right click and "Save image as" to a desktop, flash drive or hard drive
  16. Then choose the slide for the image/Insert Image/Navigate to your image in your home directory or home hard drive
  17. Once the image is in place, size it from the right hand corner (Do not size it from the sides)
  18. Add Transitions (Slide/Change transitions/Choose a transition and Apply to All Slides)
  19. Add Animations (Choose a graphic or text and Insert/Animation then choose ONE animation per graphic)
  20. When you are done, choose present and view your work
  21. Present and receive applause! BRAV0!