Computer Lab Procedures

In-Class demonstrations

Enter class quietly and go to assigned computer station

If teacher is giving a demonstration:

Pick up your chairs and quietly move to the center of the room

Raise your hand to ask a question

No talking while others are speaking

Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself

Turn off monitors if you are at your workstation

End of Class

        Blinking lights will signal two minutes before end of class

        Finish up, log out, and gently roll up headphones (put back in bin)

        Wait for row by row dismissal immediately after bell

        Push in chair for next class


  •  Print Preview before you print with teacher’s permission

    • only print one time

  • Do not print out color prints without teacher permission

  • Do not print out color prints larger than a quarter page.

General Lab Rules

  • No gum, candy, food or drink allowed

  • Be careful with all of the equipment you are using.

You are responsible for it.

  • Log on only as yourself, do not trespass to others’ accounts

  • Do not use the internet unless directed by a teacher

  • Print Preview before you print, only print one time.

  • Save your work often

  • Do not make any changes to the computer setup, these are not your personal computers.

  • Do not download or install anything

  • Always have your flash drives scanned for viruses before you use them at school