7th & 8th Grade IM

Welcome to IM (Instrumental Music); An elective semester course for 7th & 8th Grade Concert Band students. The curriculum is designed to advance student musicianship, increase understanding of music theory, foster a deeper appreciation for the instrumental music arts and its role in society, and to improve instrumental technique and artistry.


Download the free "Bandmate" App for your phone or tablet from your app store.  This app will tune your instrument and tell you if you are playing the correct note or not.  Especially great for brass instrument players who need to judge partials between notes that use the same fingers or slide position.

What is music theory? It is the study of the structure of music.  Understanding music theory means knowing the language of music. It provides a way to analytically and technically explain the music that we hear.
Music Theory On-Line Course Log-In: "Essentials of Music Theory" or "EMT"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   EMT Description/Information

Theta Music Games to play- Rhythm Reader, Pitch Compare, Rhythm Puzzles, Speed Pitch, Tonal Recall, Dango Brothers, Speed Chords, Flash Rhythms, and Flash Intervals.


For iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch:    "MusiciansKit"- FREE App from the App Store (if you use a smart device with another operating system like Google Play, etc., check with your App Store.  Or, look for another FREE audio recording app).


7th Grade IM Project Possibilities

Homemade Instrument Building Project

Music Notation Software Compositions 

Music Listening & Blogging

Chamber Music

8th Grade IM Project Possibilities

Reverse Engineer a Movie Sound Track

Makey Makey Instrument Project

Recording Technologies & Formats/Audacity Unit

Chamber Music

Piano Unit

Music Listening & Blogging