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December 1st and December 8th

posted Nov 26, 2014, 12:38 PM by Karen Klemchuk   [ updated Sep 7, 2015, 1:28 PM ]


This week and next, we set sail on the Titanic! We will be diving in (pardon the pun) this riveting nonfiction selection in our Literature Book. "Exploring the Titanic" is written by Robert D., the marine geologist and pioneer of deep-sea exploration, who discovered the remains of the ill-fated ship. It will be thrilling to read important first-hand accounts and primary sources relating to the famous disaster.

We will be studying chronological order, evaluating cause and effect, and identifying foreshadowing and suspense. We will be creating our own timeline, putting ourselves in the shoes of passengers and crew, and making judgments about at what moment could this historical disaster have been changed or avoided.

We will also be switching over from practicing our writing skills to practicing our speaking and listening skills through our Speech and Drama unit. Preparing, rehearsing, and performing for important life events, for example; a job interview, college application, or wedding is a natural part of the human experience in any culture.

Each student will choose his or her own script or poem to rehearse and memorize in preparation for a presentation in class. We will be learning a little about drama and engaging in several theater games that promote different aspects of literacy: reading, comprehension, interpretation, creativity, imagination and communication.

We have a busy few weeks ahead, but certainly interesting ones!

Some important dates to remember: (check calendar for any additional due dates)
  • Reading Workshop Summary Packet due Monday, December 1st
  • "Rikki Tikki Tavi" Argument Paper rough draft due Tuesday, December 2nd, final paper due Friday, December 5th.
  • Word Study Lesson 8, Anglo-Saxon Word Parts homework due Wednesday, December 3rd
  • Word Study Lesson 8, Anglo-Saxon Word Parts Quiz on Friday, December 5th
  • Scripts for W40 Speech and Drama Unit should be chosen by Tuesday, December 9th
  • Word Study Lesson 9, Greek Roots homework due on Wednesday, December 10th
  • Titanic Test on Thursday, December 11th
  • Word Study Quiz on Friday, December 12th