Procedures and Rules for 7th Grade ELA

Procedures and Rules for 7th Grade Language Arts and Reading

Mrs. Klemchuk


  1. Always show respect for everyone in the class. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

  2. Be on time, in your seat, and ready to listen and learn when the bell rings.

  3. Always come to class ready to learn. Bring materials, assignments and a positive attitude.

  4. Raise your hand and receive permission to speak. (If this rule is on hold due to open discussion, then be courteous and wait for the person speaking to finish. In other words, don’t talk over each other. Take turns!)

  5. Accept your mistakes, learn from them and move on.


  1. Verbal warning

  2. Non-verbal “Change your behavior” warning card placed on student’s desk

  3. Call home and/or teacher detention

  4. Office referral

A blue discipline sheet will be filled out by the teacher, documenting the student’s behavior or offense. The sheet will need to be signed by the parent or guardian and returned to the teacher for a student serving a teacher detention. If the situation warrants further action, the student will be referred to the office through the blue sheet documentation.


Entering the classroom:

  • Walk in before the bell, sit down at your desk and look at the board for the day’s schedule. Get your materials ready for the first activity

  •  You may converse in your seat with those students near you in an “inside” voice level until the bell rings

  • ·  If you have any notes, forms or passes, I will collect them at this time

  • · Tardies will be handled according to school policy

  • ·  All students should remain in their seats during class unless directed by the teacher to do otherwise

Quieting Procedure:   “Give Me Five” – Counting down backwards

  5. Freeze

  4. Quiet

  3. Eyes and ears on me

  2. Put books, objects down – hands are free

  1. Listen

Bathroom and Drinks

  •  These stops should be taken care of during passing period

  •   If there is a compelling reason (coughing fit, contact problem, illness, sudden emergency; I will give you permission to be excused

Homework Collection:

  •  Homework should be on your desk when called for and will be collected by rows, making sure’ names are on papers. I will collect each row’s papers from the first desk.

  •   Students who do not have their homework will fill out a “Missing assignment “ form and will hand that in when homework is collected. Late work will follow school policy for acceptance and grading

  • There is a homework basket on the front  table marked “Homework” where absent, late or missing assignments may be handed in

  • There is a basket marked “Extras” which will hold extra copies of assignments or hand-outs that may be taken

Passing back papers:

  • Graded and recorded papers will be passed back once a week on Fridays. This will be done during the last five minutes of class.

  • School hand-outs will be passed out right before afternoon announcements.

Guided Reading:

·                     Guided reading group numbers who will be seen that day will be posted on the daily schedule on the chalkboard

·                     Independent work for students will also be posted

·                     Directions for the whole class will be given during the first 10-15 minutes of the block time

·                     Group(s) will be seen for the next 40-50 minutes

·                     Students who are not in the guided reading group will remain in their seats and work silently on their assignments

·                     Those who are in group will follow the directions given for that day’s lesson