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11. Week of November 6, 2017

Hi Parents, 

Here's what's going on in 6th grade ELA this week: 

1. Central Idea - The students are working on identifying the central ideas in various informational articles.  They will be reading different articles about the experience of veterans in honor of Veteran's Day.  

2. Constructed Response- The students will be using evidence from the articles to answer the question: "Why is it important to honor veterans?"  The majority of the writing will be done in class, but students will need to finish the response at home if they do not finish in the class time given. 

3. Independent Reading - The students should continue to read each night for 20-30 minutes at home.  Don't forget to ask your child about their reading!  If they have a hard time recalling what happened, that may be a sign that they have not chosen a good fit book. 

4. Word Part Analysis - The students will be practicing breaking words into their parts and using their knowledge of common word parts to determine the meaning of unknown words. 

Have a great rest of your week. Thanks for all you do!

Bridget Welsh