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Expectations for Writing Workshop

Rules and Expectations for Writing Workshop

  1. Keep a list of things you would like to write about in your notebook.  Remember to add to it throughout the year.  

  2. Before beginning to write, read over what you have already written.

  3. Read your work with a critical eye.  Make changes that will improve your writing!

  4. Revise in green pen only.

  5. Listen to, ask questions about, and comment on other’s writing in ways that help them become better writers.  Refer to the lessons you tape into your notebook.  

  6. Consult your grammar notes and vocabulary notes to improve your writing.

  7. Use a red pen to edit.

  8. Save everything!  Do not tear any pages out.

  9. Write your essays in sentences and paragraphs.

  10. Get into the habit of writing with correct spelling and punctuation.

  11. Writing is thinking, so you must be quiet.  Do not distract your classmates.  Communication level 0 during independent writing time.

  12. Write as much and as well as you can.  (You should be able to write at least one full page in a single sitting.)