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Classroom Procedures

Mrs. Welsh’s Classroom Procedures

Room 205

Attendance (first period)

  • Attendance must be taken by 8:10 on eschool.  

  • Any student coming after attendance must have a pass from the nurse.  If a student comes to class without a pass, he or she must go back downstairs to the nurse or front office to get a pass so the office is aware that the student has come to school

Lunch Sign up: (first period)

  • The lunch menu options will be posted on the information board  

  • Students wishing to sign up for lunch will choose option A, B, or C.  Students will be reminded of the choices of the day and asked to sign up.  Mrs. Jankiewicz or I will read aloud who signed up and the choice he/she made.  

Sending things to the office: (first period)

  • Any items the students wish to have sent to the office must be placed in the bin on the front table by 8:05.

  • Students do not need to bring them to the office themselves.  Either Mrs. Jankiewicz or one student will bring everything, inlcuding the lunch envelope, to the office by 8:15.

Beginning of Class:

  • Students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings.  

  • Within one minute of the bell, students are expected to open their assignment notebooks and record the assignments for the day.  I will stamp the students notebooks to ensure that they are recording the assignment. I write the assignments on the north chalkboard, closest to the door, before the students come in room in the morning.

  • Merely writing “homework” is not acceptable.  Page numbers and specifics are required.

  • Once they have filled out their assignment notebooks, they will get their materials and begin working on the warm-up if there is one for that day.  

End of class:

  • Students will be given a one - minute warning to pack up before the bell.

  • Students are not to pack up their things until they are given permission.

  • Students are to remain in their seats until the bell rings and will not lineup/congregate near the door waiting for the bell.

  • Students will be reminded to look beneath their desks for personal items and garbage before leaving.  

Leaving the classrom/Going to Locker:

  • Students are expected to come to class with all of their materials.

  • If a student forgot materials that are necessary for class, he or she can use one of the ten passes in the assignment notebook.  

  • If a student wishes to see Mr. Clark or Ms. Kernan, he/she must come to class with the pass.  Permission will be granted depending on what is going on that day in class.

  • Students will not be given permission to leave the class for other reasons.

  • If a student does not feel well, he or she can ask to go to the nurse.  A pass will be given depending on the situation.  The pass will not come from one of the 10 passes stapled into the assignment notebook.  Instead, I will fill out a green paper pass or just write it in the back of the assignment note.

  • Students wishing to visit the media center need a pass as well.  Occasionally, students can go during independent work time depending on the assignment.  It’s up to the teacher.  Passes can also be given out during for visiting the library during lunch time, but this will depend availability of the MC and lab that day.

  • Students who have band are expected to check in at the beginning of class before heading straight to band.  If assignments will be missed, the students will be given a copy of the assignment before leaving.  


  • Students are expected to use the bathroom during passing period.  

  • However, each student will be allowed ten passes to be used in all classes throughout the day.  Once the students have used the passes, regardless of which class they were used, they will not be permitted to leave the room to use the bathroom, except for in cases of emergency.

  • A student wishing to use the bathroom must ask by raising his or her hand and asking permission from one of the adults in the room.

  • The adult will sign one of the passes stapled into the assignment notebook.  If the student does not have his or her assignment notebook, then he or she cannot go.  

  • The student should refrain from asking while instruction is being given or while a classmate is sharing or discussing.

  • Upon being granted permission, the student will need to sign the washroom sign out sheet before leaving.  

Drinking Fountain:

  • Students need to ask permission to get a drink by raising their hands.

  • They may not ask more than once a class period or block period.  

  • Students should not ask to get a drink in the middle of class discussion or whole group instruction.  Instead, they must wait until independent work time.

  • Students should not be in the hallway more than thirty seconds for a drink.

  • Student are not to interrupt small group instruction to ask for a drink.  

Pencil Sharpening:

  • Students should sharpen pencils as soon as they get into class if they need to do so.  However, they need to be seated by the time the bell rings.

  • If a pencil breaks in the middle of class, they may use a hand sharpener.

  • Students should refrain from using the manual sharpener during class discussion or instruction.  However, they are free to use the sharpener without asking during independent work time.

Checking out books from classroom library:

  • To check a book out of the classroom library, students must sign the book out in the classroom library clipboard.  

  • Students must write the name of the book, their name, and the date.  Students will be expected to return the book within a month.  

  • When the students return the book, they must show me, and I will cross their name off the list.  

  • Students will be charged replacement fees for lost books

  • Certain reference books may not be checked out.  

Getting a Kleenex:

  • Students do not need to raise their hands to get a tissue.  They should get up without distracting others, and bring the Kleenex back to their seat.  If more than one are needed, then they should take several back to their seat.  

  • Students will not be allowed to congregate around the garbage can while blowing their noses.  

  • If any student is abusing this by getting up frequently to avoid work or to talk with other students, he or she may be required to ask for permission based on my discretion.

Turning in Homework:

  • Weekly assignments should be held on to the students so I can check that they are completed before collecting the work.

  • Work that is assigned and completed in class will be turned into the left side of the wooden box in the correct class period slot.  

  • Any late/absent work will be turned into the right side of the wooden box, also in the correct class period.  

Behavior Expectations and Consequences:

  • For behavior, students will be given a warning to stop their behavior.  If the behavior continues, the student will make a phone call home and be given a detention either during lunch or after school that day or the following.

  • When given a warning or consequence, students are expected not  argue with the teacher. If the student would like to discuss the situation or the consequence, he or she should politely request to speak to the teacher after class.

  • Arguing may result in an additional consequence, including taking a break from the classroom in the office or a central detention.

Guided Reading (this will not be daily, but several times a week)

  • Students who are not meeting with a teacher during guided reading time are expected to be working quietly on independent/assigned work.

  • Students are not to interrupt the teacher with a question while she is meeting with a group.  

  • Assigned/independent work will be turned into the wooden box when finished.

Independent Reading Expectations (several times a week for 10-15 minute intervals)

  • students must bring independent reading materials to class every day

  • when reading independently, there is no talking

  • no getting out of seat so get what you need before the timer starts (Kleenex, pencil, etc)

  • We are working on building reading stamina, so no asking to go the bathroom, get a drink, sharpen pencil at all during this time

  • monitor comprehension and reread when possible.  

Seating arrangements/management/incentives

I arrange the desks in my room into six groups of 4-5 seats depending on the number of students in my class.  At each table, students are assigned a letter (A, B, C, D, and/or E if necessary).  I use these letters for many different purposes.  For example, I may ask student A from each table to collect and turn in work.  I may ask student B from each table to share what the group discussed.  I may ask student C to collect and return the notebooks for the group.  These are just examples of how I use the letters.  The letters do not change until the seating chart is changed.  I usually change seats every 6 weeks or so.   I also assign each table a number so I can keep track of them.

In the past, I have also given out points to tables throughout the period as an incentive.  For example, I might say any group that is ready with all their materials out in the next 60 seconds gets a point.  I also give points any time homework is due to groups where everyone has their homework fully completed.  Again, these are just examples, and if you choose to do this, you can give points out for whatever you like.  On Mondays, I let the class know which group had the most points, and I let them choose from a prize bin.  

Classroom Materials

On the bookshelves, I keep bins of markers, colored pencils, crayons, glue and rulers.  In the small plastic drawers on the shelf, I keep scissors, looseleaf paper, and highlighters.  The students are welcome to use these things, but should return the materials before leaving class.  

For language arts, the students are required to have a 3-subject notebook.   The students will keep these notebooks in the classroom, and they will use it for all their notes and writing assignments.   There may be times that you have them take their notebooks home to work on a writing assignment, but they must bring them back to class with them the next day.  

Flexible Seating Guidelines

Flexible seating options will provided during independing work time on a rotating schedule to small groups of students at a time.  The predetermined spaces are not to be moved by the students and are not to be used during direct instruction.   This privelege can be removed if it is not helping the student be successful.