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WMS Expectations

1.   You must always be respectful of yourself, your peers and all adults.

2.   You must always be responsible for your work and your environment.

3.   You must always be there and be ready for class mentally and physically.

4.   You must always be safe.

Student Expectations

1.   Be ready to work when the bell rings.

2.   Bring all books and materials to class.

3.   Listen to and follow all directions.

4.   Sit in your assigned seat.

5.   Respect yourself, your classmates and your teacher.


Conversation: Voice Levels are 0-silent, 1-whisper, 2-small group conversation, 3-normal voices, 4-outdoor

Help: Raise your hand for help

Activity: Independent, partner, group work

Movement: Quick transitions when moving from whole group to small group

Participation: Respectful participation by raising your hands

Success: Be there, be ready, be safe and be respectful


Warning: After breaking one of the rules, you will receive a warning.

Call: If you continue the behavior, the teacher will call home to speak with your parent or guardian.

Consequence: If you still continue the behavior, an office referral form will be written, you will be asked to report to the office, and you will serve a classroom detention.

Severe Clause: In extreme cases (fighting, extreme disrespect, inappropriate language, etc.) a step may be skipped. This is to be determined by the teacher on an individual basis. If your behavior warrants an immediate office referral, consequences will be determined by the principals and your parents will be contacted.

Shannon Gloude