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Welcome to 8th grade science!

January 22 - January 30

UPCOMING TEST Tuesday January 30th! 

The final test will cover all 7 scientific principles we have covered during the first semester. The students will be able to bring in a note card with notes to refer to but it is not open book.  

As we review in class, I am impressed by the students' level of understanding. They have worked very hard this year! Next up....Chemistry :)
 January 15 - 19th

This week the students will start reviewing and summarizing what we learned about physics this year.  This is in preparation for a final evaluation next week.  The students will work in groups to create one slide in a group slide show summarize a Scientific Principle. I'm excited to see them show what they know!

January 8-12

Happy New Year! Welcome back from Winter Break. 
This week, we reviewed class expectations as we enter the second half of the year. This refocused our habits in class and readied the students for our unit wrap up. We have two chapters left in our Physics book. This week we will study Lesson 7: How do things change their speed and direction?  

Some reminders: 
* Check grades weekly. End of Quarter 2 is on Friday!
* Family Science Night volunteer forms are due Wednesday 1/10

December 15 - 22

Count down to Winter Break is on! We are working on graphing and analyzing the movement of the Magnetic Cannon. This was the first device students observed back in October. Now they understand how it works at a much higher level.  I will assess the students understanding of graphing motion and lesson 6 and we will begin Lesson 7: Why do things change their speed and direction? 

Exciting news! There will be a Science Club at WMS during January and February culminating in presentations at our Family Science Night on FEBRUARY 15th. See details below. 

Have a restful holiday break!! See you in the new year. 
Week of December 4, 2017

This week the students will continue investigating FRICTION and how objects stop moving. They will develop an new Scientific Principle to describe what makes objects stop moving and revisit our Driving Question Board.  They will need to read and answer the questions on pg. 66-69 for homework. This is a good time to review lesson 5! 

We will also start Lesson 6:How does motion change? and learn how to graph motion and record how motion changes. 
Week of November 27, 2017

This week the students will be investigating FRICTION. They will discuss how friction can slow moving objects and how it can keep objects from moving. We will draw free body diagrams and models to show how friction affects movement.  

They should be reading pages 49-54 this week. This is a good thing to review at home. There are many questions that can be discussed with your student.  

Extra Credit!! pg. 55-58 

Week of November 13, 2017

This week the students uncovered Newton's 3rd Law of Motion. They investigated paired forces using spring scales. Our Science Talks focused on comparing class data and concluding that "For every force there is an equal and opposite force." We added this to our Scientific Principles list! At the end of the week we had some fun with Turkey Catapults! 

All students should bring home materials for a student led conference or plan to attend conferences on Monday and Tuesday. These materials to be returned to me by Monday, November 27th. 
Happy Thanksgiving!


Hello! It doesn't feel like September out there but in the science lab I can certainly tell the students have been working hard for a month.  It has been a pleasure getting to know this group. They are doing a wonderful job so far! We are well on our way to identifying some scientific principles about force and motion.  

The students have explored a magnetic cannon, balloon rockets, air powered cars, sugar raising balloons, and magnets (just to name a few.) As the lab teams observed these different types of motion, they asked questions and drew models.  The students wondered, what forces make things move? How do forces affect motion? Can more than one force act at a time? What are the different types of forces? We added many questions to our Driving Question board and are trying to find answers. The students have also learned how to draw scientific models showing objects and forces. We will eventually use these models to predict an object's motion.  Ask your student to show you some examples. By the end of the week, students will come together in a Science Talk to discuss what we know to be true about forces. Ask them at home what they came up with in class! 

We learned many new vocabulary words.  We have 14 in total.  This week we will organize our Word Wall and discuss how our new words connect. Weekly, students should be completing their vocab cards for homework. Reviewing vocabulary is a great way to study with them.  You can find our vocabulary words and definitions on the Unit Slide show under "Links." This also includes a daily agenda.  

This week, students will be working on a reading assignment that asks them to try out some physics tricks at home. Don't be surprised if they ask for toothpicks or try to balance spoons on a glass. Feel free to help them come up with some physics tricks of their own. 


Please contact me with any questions or comments!  
- Mrs. Gildow