Class Expectations

Classroom Hyperdoc Syllabus

Mrs. McKenzie

8th Grade Math

Room 104

2017 - 2018 School Year Syllabus

Math Classroom Supplies

  • 3 subject notebook

  • Two pocket folder

  • Ruler

  • Protractor

  • Graph paper

  • One dry erase marker

  • TI- 30XIIS Calculator

Daily Supplies

  • Assignment notebook

  • Looseleaf paper

  • Soft pencil pouch with black pens, blue pens, red pens, yellow #2 pencils, erasers, and hand-held pencil sharpener

  • Glue stick

  • Highlighters (yellow, orange, and pink)

  • Colored pencils

  • Post-it notes

  • Scissors

  • Index cards

Grading Categories and Percentages

  • Assessments = 60%

    • Assessments include tests, performance assessments, and projects.  

  • Classwork = 25%

    • Classwork includes partner work, exit slips, problem presentations, and classroom activities with participation.  

  • Homework = 15%

    • Students will receive homework 2-4 times per week. These assignments will be graded on completion.


  • If you score below a 74% on an assessment, you will be allowed to do corrections.  You will complete the corrections on a sheet of looseleaf paper making sure to show all your work.  A parent must sign the original assessment and the corrections stapled to the front of the original assessment.

Late Work

  • An assignment is considered late if it is not turned in by the start of the class period on its due date.  The assignment can be turned in the next day for partial credit.  Anything turned in after the one day extension will be entered into gradebook as a zero.

Calculator Use

  • We will continue to work on our math fluency this year. This means that we will use our calculator very often in class. You can use one at home to check your work, but in order to receive full credit on an assignment, you must show all your work.  

Our Classroom Expectations

  • In room 104 we follow the 4 B’s. We will be there & be ready, be responsible, be respectful, and be safe. In order to have a successful year in math, it is important that these expectations are followed. If students exceed my expectations, they will receive behavior bucks or classroom merits that they can exchange for things like homework passes, free seat choice, and other various prizes that will become available. When these expectations are not being met, students will receive demerits. The number of demerits equals the consequence you will receive.


  • 1 demerit= Warning

  • 2 demerits= Teacher conference with student

  • 3 demerits= Phone call home

  • 4 demerits= Teacher conference with parent and student

  • 5 demerits= Referral to office