Grading Policy

WMS Physical Education Grading Policy

Revised February, 2014

Students start each class period with ten points.  They keep those points by dressing in their full P.E. uniform, participating in all activities, trying their best, following all directions, and being safe during class activities.

If a student does not have their complete uniform (tee-shirt/sweatshirt, shorts/sweatpants, and gym shoes) they will lose all ten points and not be able to participate in the daily activity (basketball, floor hockey, etc.).  The student will be expected to walk during class so they have some movement activity during the class.  If the activity the class is participating in does not allow the student to walk the perimeter of the gym safely then they will use a stepper.  

Our pe and health programs here at the Middle School are going through some changes. It is extremely important that everyone gets up and moves for 60 minutes everyday.