Concert Band

Welcome to Concert Band!

Welcome to a new year Concert Band students! I am so excited to have you all in our ensemble! I know our summer break went by pretty fast but that means we finally get to start band again! Here is some important information to help get the year started off right:

    • Band lessons (during the school day) begin sometime after August 27th. Lesson days and times will be distributed to classroom teachers and sent home before the first lesson. We are currently working on that schedule for each school.
    • Band rehearsals are after school on Thursdays at Glenn Westlake Middle School from 3:45-4:45pm. Our first rehearsal will be on Thursday, September 6th, 2018.
    • Concert Band students will participate in two formal concerts this year. Our winter concert is on Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 and our Spring Concert is on Wednesday May 1st, 2019. Both concerts are at Glenbard East HS and begin at 7:00pm. A complete band calendar will be sent home in the Concert Band handbook at the first rehearsal.
    • Practicing! Students should be working in their Red Books on pages 13-16 in preparation for our first lesson and rehearsal.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for this year and I can’t wait to see how much progress we’ll make with a little hard work and some practice! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.