Here you will find information on the Art and Design courses that I teach as well as links to get information about the Boys Cross Country and Track programs at OHS.

Philosophy on how we Grow as Creative People:

As a teacher of art, I believe that all people have the ability to be creative problem solvers, to be art makers, and to be original thinkers. With effort and patience, becoming a person who has the ability to create something new, something that can inspire others, to make others think, to make others see something in a different way, can be achieved. Art is about the process and not necessarily the outcome. Experimentation, trial and error, risk taking, and failure are all part of the process of making art. Not everything artists make is sacred. Not everything is perfect and most will fail more than they will succeed. Allowing for the opportunity to risk and fail is part of creativity. That is how artists grow. That is how they find their way and hopefully, that is how you will find success in what you create.

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