Congratulations to our April CAKE Award winners! Pocatello High School 12th grader Kyle Knichel and Lewis and Clark Elementary 5th grader Spencer Hill, were recognized for their Character, Attitude, Kindness and Encouragement (CAKE) this week.

Teacher Karen Whittier nominated Kyle for the award. Mrs. Whittier said “I first met Kyle last year when he visited my classroom with another student. At that time, I was impressed by his cheerful attitude, enthusiasm and Kindness. This year I have Kyle in my class and he is always willing to assist students with questions when I am busy. Kyle is perpetually happy, and looks for the positive in even the most trying situations. He is always willing to listen and support those around him – whether he knows them or not. Kyle produces smiles wherever he goes, his wide-eyed enthusiasm makes those around him see things with new, different eyes and reminds us to find the positive in life”

Spencer was nominated by his teacher Tamara Palmer, who said, “Spencer has shown outstanding character this year as he has worked to help a fellow student settle into our class. This new student has moved from another country and is still learning English. Spencer had met him over the summer and became friends with him. I have watched him take this student under his wing and make sure that he understands the cultural aspects of a US classroom and playground. He encouraged other students in accepting the student. He checks in with the student often, with no guidance from me, to make sure he understands what is being asked. He has voluntarily come up to me and let me know that he is concerned the student may not fully understand the task and have specific advice on what I can do to help remedy the situation. Spencer has done this with a positive attitude, never complaining even when it has meant that he has missed out on other activities with his friends”.

Kyle and Spencer were acknowledged at the April School Board meeting, and on behalf of the Pocatello School District Education Foundation, volunteer Billie Johnson presented cupcakes to their classes dressed as the “Cow Crusader for Kindness”. Each winner along with their nominator received a McDonald’s gift card, and McDonald’s will donate $50 to each school’s media center for books in Kyle and Spencer’s names.

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