Congratulations to Sophia Lish, a 5th grader at Syringa Elementary and Nicole Silva, an 8th grader at Irving Middle School. Sophia and Nicole were chosen as the Districts November C.A.K.E. recipients. C.A.K.E. stand for Character, Attitude, Kindness and Encouragement.

Sophia was nominated by Sara Browne-Frazier at Syringa, who said; "Sophia is known for her genuine character, cheerful attitude, unconditional kindness and warm-hearted encouragement. Sophia is the first to give a peer positive feedback and make sure everyone feels loved, important and included. Sophia’s actions with a particular student has been a prime example of these characteristics. One day on the playground, Sophia noticed a student with physical challenges was only interacting with adults and asked if she could play with him. She continued to play with his student each recess, as other students noticed they wanted to play too. Sophia understand empathy and is able to talk with any students needing assistance or needing a friend. Her character and kindness radiate and help all our students feel valued.”

Nicole was nominated by Tonya Terry, an ELA teacher at Irving. Ms. Terry said, "Nicole has shown outstanding Character, Attitude, Kindness and Encouragement toward others during the first 2 months of school. She was paired with a new student at Irving Middle School who is new to the United States. Nicole has taken this opportunity and responsibility very seriously to heart. She was an instant friend to the new student and made her feel very welcome from day 1. Nicole has shown great kindness and acceptance on a daily basis. She has introduced her new friend to others in the school. She has taken on the responsibility of translator, and she happily does everything her teachers asks of her to help our new student be successful. I have observed Nicole regularly encourage our new student, she has made this student transition into a new school, country and culture a positive one. We at Irving are very proud of Nicole for exhibiting outstand C.A.K.E."

Both students were recognized at the November Board Meeting, cupcakes were presented to their class by Billie Johnson, the Cow Crusader for Kindness, and McDonald's gave each student and their nominators a gift card to McDonald's along with $50 to purchase books for their school’s media center.

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