October, 2013 Front Page

The Inside Scoop

What’s Actually Happening in 

Student Council

By: Adam S. and Hannah A.

Hannah A., Student Council Secretary

Bella R., Student Council President

So, I’ll bet a lot of you are wondering what’s cooking in Student Council this year, so this article is going to tell you! Student council is  a group where students come together and organize fundraisers and spirit days. This year 20 people ran for officers positions and the top three people become officers. They are Hannah A. (secretary), Jason W. (vice president), and Bella R. (president). Here’s the inside scoop!

First, as you may know, they are planning to do a fundraiser called Pasta for Pennies. It is a program in which people donate money to research kid’s cancer. But what you don’t know is the debate behind it. Apparently, a lot of people were angry about the fact that Mrs. Cowen’s class won the reward- a lunch of Olive Garden pasta- twice in a row. 

So, last year the Student Council did not have this fundraiser, but they are doing it again this year. Only this time, they are considering doing it and drawing the winner from a hat. The Student Council secretary says that “I’m not a big fan of this. I just want the kids to donate.” Student Council voted against this but it is still being considered. 

Pasta for Pennies will be starting on November 12.

During the last meeting, a woman from the Leukemia Foundation came and explained to the Student Council about their Foundation and research. She will be doing an assembly for the entire school about the same thing.

Also, they are planning on doing Hat Day with Heavenly Hats. In this, people pay a dollar and get to wear a hat in school, and other spirit days are being suggested.
Also, on the day before Heavenly

Also Student Council already held a Hat Day for Heavenly Hats, where students paid a dollar and got to wear a hat in school The funds raised help kids with cancer who have lost their hair from the medication. 

Student Council is also planning a Chicago Bears day, which is spirit day for the Chicago Bears when there is a game on that day or the weekend. They already held one when the Bears played on a Thursday night. Watch out for more!











Cardboard Arcade Projects

By: Laine H.

For this year's first 5th grade art project we made "cardboard creations". We designed and created them for the Day of Play at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Some of the student's creations include Ski Ball, Ball Toss, Marble Dash, Red American Football, Battlefield and 

Angry Bird Madness.  

For this project, Mrs. Were was inspired by Caine’s Arcade, a cardboard arcade located in Boyle Heights, California and built by a boy named Caine. His incredible arcade became popular over the summer when a flash mob was organised to help raise money for Caine's college education.

Be sure to visit the website and take a look at the videos that go along with how his arcade works and how our cardboard creations project came to be. 

After the Day of Play Mrs. Were's arranged to have our creations displayed in the Commons for the school to see.

Here are photos of the 5th grade creations!

Cardboard Creations